Day in the life of this fertility specialist

The field of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility is pretty darn small. Fewer than 50 of us graduate from fellowship in any given year. Given this, I receive a lot of questions asking exactly what I do all day? Well, let me share my typical day with you …

5-6am – I am typically up with my little one (she has absolutely no concept of sleeping in).

730am – Head to the office (unless it is Tuesday, then I leave earlier for my infertility procedures).

8am – Clinic day starts. I see patients non-stop and try and document throughout the day. One of my biggest pet peeves is tardiness, so if I am running behind I save my documenting for the end of the day. I have a 30 minute “lunch break,” which I use to document, post on instagram, review charts/ultrasounds/labs, review with my nurses, etc.

I am in the office every day of the week. There are two days that I also spend time in the OR, but my job as a fertility doctor is more clinical than surgical (about 90/10).

Monday, Thursday and Friday are almost always 100% patient visits in the office.

Tuesday mornings I cover the IVF procedures (egg retrievals and my embryo transfers). Then I am back in the office by 930am.

Wednesday I start in the office, then spend my afternoon in the operating room performing general gynecologic surgery.

What kind of visits do I see in the office? I usually see between 15-20 patients a day.

– Typically 3-4 new patients (I spend 60 minutes with each new patient – history, ultrasound and education)
– Return visits to discuss labs, next steps, follow up after an IUI or IVF cycle
– OB visits (lots of these, yay!)
– Hysterosalpingograms (aka HSG, I do these in my office)
– Hysterosonogram with practice embryo transfer and IVF consent signing

What kind of surgery do I perform on Wednesday afternoon?

– Hysteroscopy – Polypectomy and Myomectomy are my jam!
– Laparoscopy – Fallopian tube assessment and removal, Lysis of adhesions, Endometriosis

5-6pm – Head home after completing my documentation and other tasks.

6-7pm – Family time – Dinner, feed the littlest one, bathtime and then bed time for my girls between 7-8pm. We strongly believe in consistency for our kiddos.

8-9pm – Adult time – talk to my husband, watch some TV, unwind.

9-10pm – Pleasure reading and lights out!

I know, I know, it is not that sexy, but man I love my job!

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