As a woman

Why do we feel the need to put women in boxes? Why do we feel the need to label them as this or that? Guess what, a woman can be so much more than a doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, author, artist, stylist or mom.

We have allowed ourselves to be defined by one word, when we are truly so much more. Even worse, we have allowed ourselves to be defined by what we feel like we are missing.

In the field of infertility, I see the struggles of young women daily, I hear it and feel it from almost every new patient I see. Even more, I see it lifted off of the shoulders of my patients when they graduate with a healthy pregnancy in their uterus.

We have convinced women that they are not “whole” without a child. Not only have we convinced them of this, but we have also made it challenging for them when they try to pursue the thing that we tell them they must have to be “complete.”

We fail to educate them on fertility awareness, we fail to encourage them to seek help when they need it and we fail to provide the services to these women when they need it most.

This is unreasonable and unfair that we do not support women during this critical time in their lives. Even more importantly, we need to remind them all that they are amazing, they are strong and they are complete with and without a child.

We must stand together as women. We must encourage and support and not put each other in boxes. If you are a professional woman, a working mom, a woman struggling to build a family of your own, please know I stand with you.

This post was inspired by the #AsAWoman campaign started by my friend and colleague, Dr. Natalie Crawford.

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