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On February 13, 2018, I stepped out of my comfort zone and allowed you all into my professional and personal life on instagram. This was a big deal for me – I am super private, I have an unhealthy desire to be liked by everyone and I constantly worry that someone is going to call me out on my lack of knowledge.

Today, almost one year later, I started this personal blog. One where I can further raise awareness about fertility, educate and break the stigma around infertility and inspire those who are chasing a dream. This dream is not just about having a baby (although that is a big one), but a dream to pursue a career that is right for you, live a life with balance (as much as possible) and find ways to be your absolute best while doing it.

Now, I say all of these things to encourage you, not to convince you that I have it all figured out. I DO NOT. Not even close. To be honest, as much as I hope this blog helps you, it is also a way for me to grow and learn as well. I am a work in progress, an “imperfectly perfetto” doctor is without a doubt the best way to describe me.

As I mentioned in my one year anniversary post on instagram, I recently partnered with MantraBands to provide a discount to my followers on this uplifting jewelry. My personal favorite? You Got This!

Feel free to check out their site www.mantraband.com and use the code- “drperfetto” to get 10% off your favorite piece. Any credit received from this code will be used for future MantraBand giveaways and/or donated to Resolve.org.

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